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Japanese food is listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage with UNESCO, and is the dietary culture of Japan. Preparation techniques enhance the flavors of the ingredients, things such as seasonal flowers and leaves decorate dishes, and plates that suit the season are used to help people enjoy the four seasons.

No. of participants2 - 4
PlaceSapporo Grand Hotel 4F, Main Bldg. waraku
Times and days Weekdays only Reservations can not be made for weekends or public holidays
Depending on numbers, you may not be able to make a reservation on the same day as the lesson.
Fees ¥8,000 per person(incl. tax and service charge)
Meal Japanese Traditional Dine
Lesson summary Japanese food etiquette lesson
Sushi roll making experience
Commemorative photo
Request reservation Reservations up until the day before the lesson
100% charge only on cancellation on the day

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